Vliervelden | Almere


A Gatehouse with 21 Apartments in a Farmyard  |  Almere |  the Netherlands

Together with Vink Bouw, Leukehuizen.nl, and Tom Saat and Tineke van den Berg (Almere’s urban farmers), KettingHuls is developing Tom and Tineke’s new ranch in Oosterwold near Almere.

In addition to a hay barn and a stable, the farmers’ parcel of agricultural land in Oosterwold will also accommodate a residential building with 21 apartments, a farmhouse, a covered entrance and a shop for the sale of agricultural produce.

The silhouette of the wooden residential building refers to the barns that pioneers once erected in the United States. In Oosterwold, new inhabitants also get to be pioneers – within the set of rules provided by the spatial framework of the new district. Rather than top-down, in accordance with a comprehensive urban plan with a ready-made street map, Oosterwold will be created bottom-up, by its future residents. They will have to construct their own access roads, lay out plots, install sewer systems and secure energy resources.

The gate building has a wooden façade. The balconies on the south side and the galleries on the street side are supported by a wooden construction of beams and columns. The building, which is slightly elevated, has verandas and steps on the ground floor made of wood. The concrete constructions of the dwellings and the farmhouse are covered by wooden panelling and fitted with wooden window frames. A very pronounced red corrugated sheet roof covers the entire gatehouse.

The future residents will take part in yard life. Among the tractors, the cows and the hay bales they will live together around the apple orchard, surrounded by the urban farmer’s fields in which work is in progress.

Project A Gatehouse with 21 Apartments in a Farmyard, Almere, the Netherlands
Client Vink Bouw, Tom Saat en Tineke van den Berg (Almere’s urban farmers)
Design practice KettingHuls
Architect Daniëlle Huls, Monica Ketting
Period 2015-present
Status Definitive design, start construction april 2019
Team Prisca Arosio, Cristina Bestebreurtje, Alex Garcia Estelles, Daniëlle Huls, Monica Ketting
Programme 21 apartments, a farmhouse and a shop selling local agricultural produce (total GFS 3,780 m2)
Building costs € 3,880,000
Estate agent Leukehuizen.nl
Contractor Vink bouw
Engineering Firm Pieters Bouwtechniek
Building Physics LBP Light
Installation technology Visietech
Renderings Quatre Caps