Vellesan College | IJmuiden

vellesan college

Expension of the Vellesan College  | IJmuiden |  the Netherlands

The Vellesan College, housed in a monumental building, a local landmark, was in need of a number of extra classrooms. The municipality’s spatial vision was based on upgrading the sports fields located at the rear of the existing building. The position of the extension contributes to this because it faces the sports fields like a new front. This part also contains the new entrance, which is spacious and has a size that corresponds to the size of the ‘new’ school. Together, the old building and the new construction enclose a courtyard that serves as an outdoor extension to the adjoining school cafeteria. The first-floor corridor is located along the courtyard and ends in a bridge that leads to the existing building. Students changing classrooms have a choice of routes, which should prevent congestion. All classrooms are now accessible to the disabled, in part owing to the placement of an elevator. The new building is consisting of a semitransparent skin covering blocks of classrooms. The expansion is light and airy, but at the same time it houses intimate classrooms that help students concentrate.

Project Expansion of the Vellesan College, IJmuiden, the Netherlands
Client Dunamare onderwijsgroep Haarlem
Construction Management BBN Adviseurs
Design practice HENK
Architect Angela Holterman, Monica Ketting
Period 2011-2013
Status Completed
Team Angela Holterman, Monica Ketting, Tjeerd Steenhuis
Programme 10 classrooms, a canteen and new entrance (total 1,350 m2 gross floor area)
Building costs € 1,800,000
Contractor Lokhorst Bouw en Ontwikkeling
Engineering firm Pieters Bouwtechniek
Installation consultant Wolf Dikken
Building physics LBP Sight