Piet Heinstraat | Den Haag

piet heinstraat

From Shop to Work Space  |  The Hague  |  the Netherlands

The client wanted to use the ground-floor retail space as a workspace. Toilets, pantry and storage units are concealed behind the walls along both sides of the space. The sections along the walls are doors, cabinet doors or simply wall panels. Only the owner and his staff know exactly what’s hidden behind each section. Steel-framed glazing separates the workspace from the meeting room at the rear. A top-lit staircase connects the workspace to the house on the floor above.

ProjectFrom Shop to Office Space, The Hague, the Netherlands
ClientAlvin Chan
Design practiceKettingHuls
ArchitectDaniëlle Huls, Monica Ketting
TeamPrisca Arosio, Daniëlle Huls, Monica Ketting, Minyoung Kwon, Caroline Urberger
ProgrammeWorkspace, meeting room, pantry, toilets and upstairs connection, 130 m2 (usable space)
Building costs€ 120,000
ConstractorPDM Bouwgroep
PhotographyChiel de Nooyer