Restobar Mama | Maastricht

REstobar mama

A Restaurant in a Park  |  Maastricht  |  the Netherlands

After the tunnelling of the A2 motorway in Maastricht and the construction of new greenbelt De Groene Loper had been completed, the Vrijheidspark was laid out in the area near Koningsplein. The ground plan of the park incorporates a number of oval green spaces, one of them accentuated by a stone bench that marks the designated location of a pavilion. Our client won the tender to build a hospitality pavilion and operate it in the coming years.

The pavilion consists of a round concrete terrace, a rectangular building volume and a round, steel canopy. From circular apertures in the terrace, trees grow upwards past the steel beams of the canopy. Inside, the steel construction of the canopy continues as a construction of wooden, laminated beams with a concrete column in the middle of the building. The restaurant and kitchen form a T-shaped space with large glass façades.

The round steel canopy and the trees can be adorned with lights, decorations and climbing plants. The round concrete terrace is situated in the beige half-hardened section and links the building to a garden with play area and gargoyles.

ProjectA Restaurant in a Park, Maastricht, the Netherlands
ClientJan Bronckers
Design practiceKettingHuls
ArchitectDaniëlle Huls, Monica Ketting
StatusTechnical design, start construction November 2019, opening spring 2020
TeamRobert Bijl, Daniëlle Huls, Luïsa Jacobse, Monica Ketting, Enrique Orts Costa
ProgrammaRestaurant, kitchen, toilets, entrance and basement (storage and installation) 156 m2 (gross floor area) and 600 m2 (gross floor area) garden
Engineering FirmCastermans Engineers
HP Installatietechniek
Electrical Installation technologyBergmans & Wijnen