Egelantiersgracht | Amsterdam


From House and Garage to a Personalized Home  |  Amsterdam |  the Netherlands

A former garage and a residential floor in the adjacent building have been combined and converted into a single dwelling. Other than a spectacular view of an Amsterdam canal, the rooms of this property are largely cut off from daylight. Creating connections between the adjacent spaces not only results in a pleasant route through the house, but also allows light and fresh air to optimally enter the house.

Project From House and Garage to a Personalized Home, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Client Merleen Kingma and Normen Macdonald
Design practice buroKetting
Architect Monica Ketting
Period 2011-2012
Status Completed
Team Avital Broide, Monica Ketting
Programme Living space and guest house 180 m2
Building costs € 130,000
Contractor BPA Aannemersbedrijf
Engineering Firm Pensera
Photography Chiel de Nooyer