De Schoolstraat | Amsterdam

de schoolstraat

20 Apartments with a Parking Garage | Amsterdam |  the Netherlands

The Schoolstraat is a narrow street between the Overtoom and the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, located in the city’s nineteenth-century ring. This district is greatly valued and many of the buildings here are protected heritage. The buildings on the Schoolstraat were characteristically small-grained, groups of three to four composed of an elevated ground floor, two regular floors and an attic with rhythmically placed dormer windows. In compliance with the views of the district council, the characteristics of the original buildings have been used again, updated, in the new buildings that replace them. These are interwoven with the nineteenth-century buildings, but have a contemporary look at the same time. Their designs include clean-lined details and large glass surfaces. Their rhythm and the use of brick connect them with the nineteenth-century buildings.

Project 20 apartments with a parking garage, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Client Eigen Haard Amsterdam
Design practice buroKetting
Architect Monica Ketting
Period 2003-2013
Status Completed
Team Monica Ketting, Julien Kummer, Tjeerd Steenhuis
Programme 20 apartments (including 12 social housing units), total usable space 1490m2, collective garden 133m2 and 21 parking spaces
Building costs € 3,100,000
Engineering firm Pieters Bouwtechniek
Installation consultant Hiensch engineering
Constructor Bouwbedrijf J.M. Deurwaarder B.V.
Photography Chiel de Nooyer